They also protect historic sites, and also educate visitors to evaluate and carbon-date items for museums, as well as examine records and data to find particulars and patterns within the past of a particular region or cultural.

The school follows the Christian view of the world in its classes and policy. There are many jobs available in law and academic libraries. Students can develop their abilities in areas like writing, thinking critically, and research.

If you are looking for a career which cater to your introverted nature Look for smaller, more private or museum or historical society libraries. With this foundational knowledge, students can then implement Christian principles and apply their skills for graduate studies or jobs in related positions. To get the best-paying research-related jobs, a reputable library science degree is recommended in the UK, or a master’s degree in librarianship science from the US. The school is located situated in Virginia Beach, Regent is an extremely small school that has approximately 2,300 undergraduate students.

3. The majority of students accepted are able to participate in majors like communication, psychology and history. Primary School teacher. Highlight : The degree in history is 100% accessible online, making it easier for students to complete their studies when they’re most comfortable.

Average salary: $60,320 / PS42,363. The degree is B.A. in History. In 1905, the philosopher George Santayana wrote ‘those who do not keep track of the past and are forced to repeat the past’. 11. If you’re planning to use your education in history to instruct the future generation about important people, eras, conflicts and philosophical shifts, as well as social changes, and then put it in a context that is useful for the students, then being historian in a secondary school might be an exciting career for you. King University. While your past knowledge is important in this profession but a teaching position requires excellent interpersonal skills as well as planning and organisational skills, flexibility, as well as an ability to manage the flow of events within a safe learning environment.

King’s BS in historical studies is among the most prestigious online degrees in history offered in Tennessee. 4. History studies provide students with the foundation for understanding the process of forming civilizations and how people from different locations have dealt with developing communities and creating governments. Archaeologist. The history degree online provides students with a wide range of options to study the various subjects including that of the Civil War, the Cold War, World War I and World War II, and other important instances. Average salary: $62,410 / PS28,500. King is a privately-owned Christian University. The field of archaeology is ideal for those looking to delve into the actual aspects of the past.

The small university has 1500 undergraduates. While only a fraction of archaeologists uncover the remains of a city that was never discovered or a hidden Egyptian tomb, it is possible that you still could have the chance to look through ancient artifacts in smaller places, typically within your country of residence. The school has a low percentage of students who apply receive the approval of the committee that approves admission. They also protect historic sites, and also educate visitors to evaluate and carbon-date items for museums, as well as examine records and data to find particulars and patterns within the past of a particular region or cultural. The students who qualify can choose from a wide range of programs that include adults health, technology,, and business. If that’s the route for you, you’ll have to pursue a masters degree in archaeology in order to obtain higher-level jobs.

Highlights : King University is the number 10 most rated university among the top universities in Tennessee. If you’re about to quit school, it might be worth considering an unplanned gap year to travel and to volunteer for field work in order to be sure that you’re comfortable with the arduous and meticulous work needed in archaeology. Degree: B.S. in History.

5. 12. Archivist. Liberty University.

Average salary: $48,400 / PS40,000. Liberty University has a BS in History that ranks among the top history degrees online that have a conservative inclination. Many museum jobs and libraries contain an archival function However, there are specific jobs in a range of institutions that focus to the protection of historic objects and documents. Students who have an passion for historical studies might take pleasure in this program’s deep dive into the study of human behavior. Archivists also manage these objects and make use of specialized equipment to photograph, scan and store delicate items in digital form to ensure long-term durability and greater distribution. Understanding the motivations and actions of the past assist students in understanding the current context for the nation’s leaders and political activists.

They also assess materials and assist in organising exhibitions. This degree in history provides students an education that is comprehensive cheap and gives them access to students from all over the nation and around the globe. It is a requirement that the UK will require a postgraduate certificate that is approved from the Archives and Records Association in addition to your degree in history. Discover the latest trends in economics as well as public perception, wars and other issues.

In the US, a master’s degree in library science or history can assist in securing an archival job. Liberty University was founded by Dr. Internships and volunteer work are suggested. Jerry Falwell. 6. It is considered to be a traditional Christian centre of learning. Museum Curator.

Students who are looking to get their education under the lens of Christ may appreciate this chance. Average salary: $48,400 / PS40,000. The founders of the University believed that the two aspects of knowledge and value are inextricably linked and that it is crucial to connect them during the course of learning.

If you’re in search of an employment in the field of history that will combine your skills in organisational and knowledge and a flair for creativity and you’ll enjoy a career as a curator for a museum.

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